The Kids Council

Kids Council, what’s that?

Let’s rewind a bit... What is a Kids Council exactly?

More or less everything we do has an impact on society and the Earth. Whether it’s relates to energy, health, education or any other current theme, organisations always want to improve the things they do. Children’s ideas and opinions can be very useful in that respect. Look at it this way: adults have knowledge and experience, but children have imagination and creativity. And what’s more, they also have the ability to ask those questions which manage to put adults’ thought and ideas on a slightly different track. It’s the ideal mix.

And that’s why the Kids Councils exist?

Exactly, because that ideal mix is, unfortunately, something most organisations are still not fully aware of. That’s the way it is, but it won’t stay that way forever. But, in the meantime, the Missing Chapter Foundation (MCF) will go on bringing children and organisations together. Then those Kids Councils can get down to work, tackling dilemmas that organisations find difficult to resolve. The inspiration and recommendations that come from Kids Councils really do lead to actual change within organisations.

How many Kids Councils are there?

A total of 75 businesses, ministries, municipal councils and other organisations spread across the Kingdom of the Netherlands have already got a Kids Council. They’re part of the mission to achieve something that was a rarity just a few years ago: getting children involved in making plans for the future. That’s going to become a totally normal thing in the near future.

Would you like to know more?

That’s good, because there is more.