The jury, criteria and planning

How will the winners be selected?

Starting on 15 May, we’ll be putting all the annual reports and videos we’ve received online in the gallery. A jury of experts, including dialogue leaders and children and chaired by Laurentien of Orange, will review all the annual reports and videos. On 15 June, the jury will select three finalists for the three Awards (TOP, BUZZ and INNOVATION). So, there will be nine in total.

The final decision will be taken by the children alone.All Dutch kids can vote if they like. Of course, all the Kids Council will be voting too. Moreover, classes are invited to vote by De Dag Vandaag.

On 17 June, kids can vote on this site. Thousands of children will then be able to choose from nine short video messages from the finalists. Then they’ll be able to vote for their favourites from the three categories – which means they’ll each cast a total of three votes. Voting will close at 18:00 PM on the day before the Award presentation, 22 June 2017.

Are names of the jury members already known?

They certainly are! Our jury members are:

•    Daphne Lammers
•    Deva-Dee Siliee
•    Diana Matroos
•    Curvin George
•    Jeroen Smit
•    Laurentien van Oranje
•    Rosabelle Illes
•    Sofie van den Enk
•    Stientje van Veldhoven
•    Tanja Jadnanansing

What will the jury be looking for?

For the TOP Award:

1. A high degree of enthusiasm about the collaboration from the organisation’s staff and the children.

2. That Children feel they really are being taken seriously.

3. An impressive annual report - creative, strong on content, and appealing to adults and children.

For the BUZZ Award:

1. That Kids Council is really popular and supported by the organisation’s staff.

2. That the organisation and school are proud to promote and share their involvement in the Kids Council.

3. That the Kids Council and the organisation are even encouraging others to get children seriously involved in sharing their ideas and opinions.

For the INNOVATION Award:

1. That there has been a creative recommendation from the Kids Council (a concrete idea or other way at looking at something) that’s been an eye-opener for the staff.

2. That the organisation and its Kids Council show clearly why that recommendation is so important for the organisation and/or the world.

3. That the organisation shows clearly what it plans to do with the recommendation.

So, what are the key dates for the awards?

•    15 May: first annual reports posted online
•    15 May - 15 June: the jury evaluates the entries
•    15 June: selection of the 9 finalists
•    17 June - 21 June: children cast their votes online
•    22 June 2017: Awards presentation in the Concertgebouw